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For Investors

Outpace provides a new model of legal support to start-ups and investors.


We spoke to hundreds of investors and founders who told us they wanted a self-service platform to manage startups legals, but they wanted it backed by top-tier lawyers and with the most robust and up-to-date legal documents possible. Outpace is the result. 

Self-service or lawyer managed

Fixed, low price. No billable hours.

Visibility of your whole portfolio

Close investments fast

Use our documents or we automate yours

Option plans, IP and data protection

People working as a team in an office, writing on post it notes

You can run your whole investment process on Outpace. Create and share a term sheet, access secure document store for DD, create and sign documents, and manage cap tables. 

Close investments rapidly, generate and send term sheets and subscription agreements, get visibility of your whole portfolio seamlessly, and drill down into the detail when you need to. 

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Key benefits & features

Self-service; lawyers when needed

Many deals can be done self-service if you're working with the most up-to-date and risk-proofed legal documents. But you'll have a tier-1 lawyer to help when you need it.

  • Battle tested legal docs

  • Self-service or lawyer support

  • Tier-1 law firm 

Manage your portfolio

Manage your entire investment portfolio with Outpace. See your investments, deal progress, and centralised legal and cap table management -  saving you thousands in legal and accounting fees

  • Access cap tables for all your companies

  • See deal progress

Close investments fast

Collaborate with founders, advisors and lawyers on-platform. Send your term sheet, instantly generate key documents, and manage e-signing seamlessly. All crafted with SEIS/EIS relief in mind.

  • Deal management 

  • SAFEs, price rounds, bridging

  • eSignatures

Easy onboarding

For VCs, accelerators and angel syndicates we offer easy onboarding so that you can use your own standard investment documents (or ours!), issue term sheets, and track your investments. 

  • Automate your investment documents

  • Send term sheets

Low cost; price certainty

Lawyers have a (deserved) reputation for being expensive. So we built a platform that gives you access to their expertise at a fraction of the cost. Transparent, fixed pricing with no hidden fees or chargeable hours.

  • Fixed, low cost

  • No billable hours! 

  • 16 hours of lawyer time 

Not just priced rounds! 

Of course, we don't just cater for priced rounds. Whether it's a SAFE, an ASA or a bridging round, we have you covered. Plus employment, option schemes, data protection and IP.

  • Create EMI plans

  • Flexible investment mechanisms

Why choose Outpace?

Daniel Rooke COO
"An upgrade to other legal start-up solutions that sets the bar with founders and investors. Founders can now have the self-service aspects of seed rounds delivered by software vendors, with the experience and depth of knowledge of sector legal experts."

Daniel Rooke, COO | Start Codon

Image by Brooke Cagle

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