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Outpace Teams Up with Seedrs to Offer Industry-Leading Legal Support to Trailblazing Startups

Outpace is delighted to announce its partnership with Seedrs, Europe's leading private investment platform.

Effective immediately, businesses either currently raising funds or those that have previously secured capital via the Seedrs platform are eligible for discounted access to Outpace's premier legal solutions and advisory services at a discounted rate, with the added benefit of priority service. We've designed this collaboration to support startups with managing funding rounds, creating share option schemes, EIS/SEIS compliance, cap tables, and the preparation of key legal documents, including SAFEs/ASAs, term sheets, and IP assignments.

In their press release, Seedrs state that they have "long since believed that all entrepreneurs deserve the resources required to succeed, regardless of their background or experience. This founding principle of the business aligns perfectly with Outpace's mission to provide founders with transparent, self-service solutions backed by industry expertise. By offering founders access to Outpace's wealth of knowledge and expertise, Seedrs will continue to support its community of entrepreneurs on their journey to success, especially in the face of challenging market conditions."

Please do get in touch if you're a Seedrs client, or if you want to find out more about why Seedrs selected Outpace as their trusted partner.

In practical terms, startups that are currently raising funds or have done so in the past on Seedrs are entitled to an exclusive deal that includes a discount of up to £500 on legal services, irrespective of the size of the fundraising round. Additionally, this offer encompasses complimentary onboarding, which covers the verification of existing cap tables, without any annual subscription costs.

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