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Your growth
co-pilot from
start-up to success

Automate your startup's legal work with the straightforward, full-service legal software-as-a-service platform.

Combining the best of digital with the expertise of Taylor Wessing's tier 1 lawyers, you can do-it-yourself or call on help from a lawyer. All at a low, fixed price. Take investment, create option plans, employment contracts and protect your IP. 

From incorporation to seed;
from A to exit

Welcome to Outpace, where we revolutionize legal support for start-ups and investors. We spoke to hundreds of investors and founders who told us they wanted a self-service platform to manage startups legals, but they wanted it backed by top-tier lawyers and with the most robust and up-to-date legal documents possible.

So, we went away and built it.


Outpace is the result. We have two prices – both fixed and both low. You can do everything yourself, but with the security that you're using documents created by Taylor Wessing, a top Global law firm; or you can get the support of a dedicated tier-1 lawyers.


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Unrivalled access

Accelerate your startup's growth journey with access to top-tier legal expertise and a vast investor network that has supported over £4bn in successful raises in the last three years.

Price Certainty

Lawyers have a (deserved) reputation for being expensive. So we built a platform that gives you access to their expertise at a fraction of the cost. Transparent, fixed pricing with no hidden fees. 

Incorporation to IPO

We don't just do seed legals. Get it right from incorporation to IPO with a legal partner that understands the entire startup journey, ensuring your early documents scale to support future growth.

Avoid the bear traps!

Our job is to manage your risks and make sure you're protected just in case your business has unexpected challenges along the road. Read our summary of the bear traps. 


Fast & reliable

Get things done at your own pace with self-service; call on a lawyer when you need guidance or a second opinion, ensuring you're never stuck and always confident in your decisions.

Build expertise

Outpace empowers founders with a comprehensive legal OS, offering tools and insights for capital raising, team building, IP protection, and more, ensuring informed decisions and optimized success from start-up to exit


Why choose Outpace?

Daniel Rooke COO
"An upgrade to other legal start-up solutions that sets the bar with founders and investors. Founders can now have the self-service aspects of seed rounds delivered by software vendors, with the experience and depth of knowledge of sector legal experts."

Daniel Rooke, COO | Start Codon

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