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Outpace: The new solution for startup legals

For months, we have been working tirelessly on our mission to transform legal services for startups, making them more accessible, efficient, and attuned to each startup's unique growth journey.

So, welcome to Outpace, the future of early-stage legal services - your growth co-pilot from startup to success! Outpace is the digital platform designed to navigate the legal intricacies of your growth journey. We provide everything you need to take investment, employ, and incentivise your team.

But do you still need a lawyer? That's up to you - Outpace can be used self-service or, for a small additional charge, you can get the help of expert lawyers from Taylor Wessing, a tier-1 global law firm.

Meet the Pioneers

Our founding team are me, Gerard Frith, a seasoned entrepreneur in the product space, and Angus Miln, a leading VC lawyer, and a guiding force for hundreds of startups, steering them from their early stages to achieving unicorn status. His expertise as a venture capital lawyer is unparalleled, recognised in the Legal500 Hall of Fame.

As a founder, I've been in those late-night sessions, wrestling with legal agreements, feeling the weight of every decision. It's these experiences that have shaped Outpace – to offer you the comprehensive support I once needed.


Voices from the field

We know how tough it is being a founder. Everything falls on your shoulders from setting strategy, bringing in sales, recruiting and leading teams, to raising funds that pay the bills and help your business scale. One thing you don't need on top of all that is to need to be a lawyer. We've been in your shoes, grappling with the same legal jobs you're facing now.

As part of Taylor Wessing, a global law firm that has supported over £4 billion of raises in the last three years, we have a great understanding of how to support the success of early stage companies. Nonetheless, building a product should always be based on challenging your own assumptions and gaining fresh insight.

So we spoke to hundreds of founders, investors and repeat entrepreneurs. They told us they wanted:

  • A self-service digital platform to manage early stage legals. We heard they loved the convenience, 24/7 availability, and, of course, the price-point.  

  • But we also heard about the problems many had experienced using software-as-a service platforms: the difficulty in getting support, the legal documents that contained errors and turned out to be missing key protections, and the often hidden issues of negotiating with experienced investors.

So, in addition to the ease of digital they wanted access to top-tier lawyers when needed and with the most robust and up-to-date legal documents possible.

The problem with law firms

While big law firms are knowledge-rich, they often miss the mark on startup-friendly pricing. Conversely, SaaS platforms or high-street law firms might fit the budget but lack the breadth of expertise.

Outpace bridges this gap, bringing you the best of both worlds. With Outpace, you're not just using a tool; you're gaining a partner backed by the top-tier legal minds at Taylor Wessing.

We’ve been fortunate to help many startup founders on their journeys. Daniel Rooke, Co-founder and COO of Start Codon, shares his experience with Outpace:

"An upgrade to other legal start-up solutions that sets the bar with founders and investors. Founders can now have the self-service aspects of seed rounds delivered by software vendors, with the experience and depth of knowledge of sector legal experts."

Daniel Rooke, Co-founder & COO of Start Codon, discover, nurture and advance early-stage life science and healthcare companies, and early user of Outpace. 

Bridging the Gap: The Outpace Difference

If your round is straightforward, just do-it-yourself, but with the confidence you're using the best, most up to date legals on the market. If you want help, we're here.


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