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For Founders

Outpace is the Legal OS for start-ups. Get all your legals done - raise, top up, SAFEs, ASAs, founder agreements, employment contracts, option schemes, manage your Board. 

We help founders achieve control, confidence and foresight. 

Low, fixed price, no surprises

Full self-service platform

Advanced cap table management

Powered by Taylor Wessing

Employment & options too!

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Key Benefits

Fixed and low prices

Lawyers can be invaluable but have a reputation for being expensive. So we built a platform that automated their work, freeing them up to focus their impact on only the most important points, giving you access to their expertise at a fraction of the cost.

  • Self-service or lawyer support

  • No subscription cost

Everything you need

We don't just cater for priced rounds. Whether it's a SAFE, an ASA or a bridging round, we have you covered. Plus employment, option schemes, data protection and IP. 

  • Raise funds

  • Incentivise your team

Close investments fast

Collaborate with investors, advisors and lawyers on-platform,

quickly generate legal documents, manage the progress of the deal and close out with integrated e-signing. Electronic filing to Companies House. All crafted with SEIS/EIS relief in mind.

  • Integrated eSigning

  • Companies House integration

Unrivalled Expert Access

Accelerate your startup's growth journey with access to top-tier legal expertise and a vast investor network that has supported over £4bn in successful raises in the last three years.

  • Tier 1 legal expertise

  • Access to global advisors

Incorporation to IPO

We don't just do seed legals. Get it right from incorporation to IPO with a legal partner that understands the entire growth journey, ensuring your early agreements and deals scale to support future growth.

  • £4 billion+ raised since 2020

  • 28 offices globally

Speed of execution

Work at your own speed through self-service; call on us to help you unblock any delays. 

Setting your company is easy. If you're incorporated, we integrate to Companies House to pull in your data. 

  • All your data in one place

  • All your collaboratons too

Why choose Outpace?

Daniel Rooke COO
"An upgrade to other legal start-up solutions that sets the bar with founders and investors. Founders can now have the self-service aspects of seed rounds delivered by software vendors, with the experience and depth of knowledge of sector legal experts."

Daniel Rooke, COO | Start Codon

Working at home

Supporting you from idea to IPO

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