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For Founders

Outpace is the Legal OS for start-ups. Get all your legals done - raise, top up, SAFEs, ASAs, founder agreements, employment contracts, option schemes, manage your Board. 

We help founders achieve control, confidence and foresight. 

Low, fixed price, no surprises

Full self-service platform

Advanced cap table management

Powered by Taylor Wessing

Employment & options too!

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Key Benefits

Fixed and low prices

Lawyers can be invaluable but have a reputation for being expensive. So we built a platform that automated their work, freeing them up to focus their impact on only the most important points, giving you access to their expertise at a fraction of the cost.

  • Self-service or lawyer support

  • No subscription cost

Everything you need

We don't just cater for priced rounds. Whether it's a SAFE, an ASA or a bridging round, we have you covered. Plus employment, option schemes, data protection and IP. 

  • Raise funds

  • Incentivise your team

Close investments fast

Collaborate with investors, advisors and lawyers on-platform,

quickly generate legal documents, manage the progress of the deal and close out with integrated e-signing. Electronic filing to Companies House. All crafted with SEIS/EIS relief in mind.

  • Integrated eSigning

  • Companies House integration

Unrivalled Expert Access

Accelerate your startup's growth journey with access to top-tier legal expertise and a vast investor network that has supported over £4bn in successful raises in the last three years.

  • Tier 1 legal expertise

  • Access to global advisors

Incorporation to IPO

We don't just do seed legals. Get it right from incorporation to IPO with a legal partner that understands the entire growth journey, ensuring your early agreements and deals scale to support future growth.

  • £4 billion+ raised since 2020

  • 28 offices globally

Speed of execution

Work at your own speed through self-service; call on us to help you unblock any delays. 

Setting your company is easy. If you're incorporated, we integrate to Companies House to pull in your data. 

  • All your data in one place

  • All your collaboratons too

Why choose Outpace?

Daniel Rooke
"An upgrade to other legal start-up solutions that sets the bar with founders and investors. Founders can now have the self-service aspects of seed rounds delivered by software vendors, with the experience and depth of knowledge of sector legal experts."

Daniel Rooke COO, Start Codon

Working at home

Supporting you from idea to IPO

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